About Us

The Millbury Fireman’s Hall was built in 1956 and has been a gathering place for the community ever since.

The Firehall chartered as “The Millbury Volunteer Fire Dept, Inc.”.

The Millbury Fireman’s Hall

The bylaws state:

“The purpose of this organization shall be to aid in providing funds
for the protection of life and property against Fire and other hazards
in the Village of Millbury, Ohio and surrounding territory,
and acquire and maintain personal and real property to further said objective.”

Until the early 1990′s you were required to be a Millbury Fireman to be a member of the hall.  Now, anyone over 18 years old residing in Lake Township Fire District may apply for membership.


Hall History

1956 – Hall built by members of the Millbury Fire Dept.

1966 – Interior walls and ceiling installed.

1987 – Addition to the Front of Hall.

1998 – Shelter House was built

2008 – Bathroom facilities were updated and made handicap accessible.